Hi, heres a little about me..

I majored in Fine Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Both during and after my studies, I pursued many forms of design including Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Art Direction. I also worked in Advertising for a major Art Publication, worked as a makeup artist, and even went on to teach Aerial Fitness classes for seven years where I was a mentor for many aspiring instructors. A true renaissance woman.

I have always worked with diverse groups of people in varying settings, which has given me a unique glimpse into human behavior and a process driven ethic.

I find joy in solving complex problems and designing in the space of UX and Product Development. I love seeing products come to life, how people interact with them, and how they make them feel.

I enjoy working on projects end-to-end and collaborating with others. You can find me putting equal emphasis on research as I do with wireframes and UI elements.

Thanks for reading!