Interaction Design | Apple iOS | Conceptual Project

“ If I could just tap one button and have my donation go through, I’d like that. I don’t want to wade through a whole process to give money. “


Venmo makes it easy to send payments to other people through their app. With users accustomed to sending money quickly, Venmo would like to introduce a way for money to be sent quickly and conveniently via their app to causes such as nonprofit organizations, do-good kickstarter campaigns, and charities.


Surveys, User Interviews, Personas and Journey mapping, Feature prioritization, Sketching, Wireframes, Rapid Prototyping and Usability testing.



Joanna Skora Jay Shin Barry Hecker


Project Manager UX/UI Designer


Leveraging the social aspect of Venmo

Our research indicated that users would donate to charitable causes their friends cared about. With Venmo having such a massive social reach, we decided to leverage the social aspect of Venmo to encourage users to donate to a cause. By designating a space on the main feed reflecting the featured charity, total donations made, and total users who have donated, users would be able to view donation progress in real time and be encouraged to give just like their friends, family, and Venmo community as a whole.


Entry Point

Users struggled to make a donation with our V1 because 50/50 would either navigate through the “Get started” CTA which lead to on-boarding, or would try to donate while completing a transaction which is what they’re used to.


After several rounds of testing and iterations, we eliminated the charity carrousel in conjunction with the “Get Started” button and added a featured charity to the main feed.

We added the round up & donate toggle to our transaction screen.


A pivot impacts design & users

After a few rounds of testing and iterations, we were hitting a wall. By referring back to our research, we knew our users required the least minimum effort in order to consider completing a donation and actually doing so. We focused back in on our user and asked how and why a feature like this would be useful to them. I led my team through some white-boarding to get our thoughts in order to make sure we were on the same page, but to also break down our design and flows. This resulted in a major pivot that moved us away from creating “happy paths".

“ After seeing how easy it would be to make a donation, I would be very likely to do so each time. “


  1. Increase in donations through Venmo app

  2. Increase in donations due to social aspect

  3. More money collected for charitable causes


The team presented research, design, and testing to stakeholders. In the future we would continue to test this feature and see how users respond to automatic donations over a longer period of time, and make iterations based on that. Working on this project gave us great insight on the importance of considering the user and their behavior, and of the impact of pivoting.